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Hien Trong  Pham also known as Henry is a nail technician and aesthetician who has been working in the nail industry for over 18 years in Toronto, Canada. When he immigrated to Canada from Vietnam in 2002, he registered for a class about nails being offered in his high school and has been obsessed ever since. He is currently working as an international educator for Lechat Nail Care Products and competed in several NailPro competitions in the United States in 2016 and 2017 and consistently places in the top 10. “I think everybody in the beauty industry have beautiful minds and technically speaking, I love to make people look beautiful,” Henry says. True to his devotion of art,!

  • First place in Novice Fantasy Nail Art at IBS Las Vegas 2017
  • First place in Novice Fantasy Nail Art at ISSE long Beach 2018


Hugo Nguyen got his start in the nail industry because his partner opened a salon and needed staff. After a decade of working in the salon for 15 years and three years with LeChat as a brand ambassador and international educator,, he is still eager to see the reactions of both his clients and students to his artwork. Because of his fascination with nail art, he loves helping his clients and beautify them with his artwork skill.
Hugo also speaks 4 languages: GERMAN , FRENCH , ENGLISH AND VIETNAMESE.
With his lovable personalities and languages you will find its very comfortable and enjoyable your time with him as well.